It's no marketing gimmick. It is first and foremost a story.
VOLUME is the story of an accomplishment, the result of a patient, meticulous work, which is as one with nature.
My soaps are handmade and produced in limited quantities,
based on a thoughtful formulation and combining quality raw materials and local know-how.
VOLUME, it is simply the pleasure to use soaps made from the milk produced by the donkeys that I raise at Ampuis.
Donkey milk transcends the ages.
This health ally, enhanced by its biochemical composition, so close to that of breast milk, is beneficial in the medical, nutritional and dermatological areas.

The characteristic of donkey milk lies mainly in its content:
Omega 6 and Omega 3 essential fatty acids, anti-inflammatory,
Lysozyme and lactoperoxidase: antiseptic enzymes,
Retinol and alpha-tocopherol: antioxidant vitamins,
and minerals indispensable for the human health.

All the active ingredients contained in donkey milk, so valuable, prevent the problems of the skin barrier.
Out of respect for its virtues, I use raw milk to make my soaps.

I milk the donkeys by hand in the meadow. Each step is reflected to ensure maximum comfort to the donkey and the colt.

The donkeys are lactating since the birth of the colts until weaning.
I start milking from the 4th month of the colt, when it acquired substantially all of its passive immunity and becomes more independent.
The days of milking, the colts are separated from mothers for 2 to 3 hours to find them immediately after. During those few hours, the colt remains within sight of his mother.
It is then a time to share moments of play, grooming and education.
There are only 2-3 births per year in the farm " Asinerie des Hauteurs". For the welfare of donkeys, the milking is done by me once a day.

My will is to produce in small quantities in order to bring the necessary attention to each of my donkeys and also ensure quality throughout my manufacturing process.

My production volumes are limited to the amount of milk that I harvest (about 200 milliliters per donkey), to produce about 15 to 20 soaps per lot.

To comply appropriate hygienic conditions, the teats are cleaned with plain water. Milk is filtered and bacteriological analysis is carried out at each milking season.
I use the cold saponification technique, craft process and environmentally friendly, which gives me the advantage to remaining in charge of creating each formula and the choice of ingredients, to achieve a harmonious blend of quality.

The cold process soapmaking method results from the reaction between fats (oils and vegetable butters) and alkali agents (sodium hydroxide) to produce soap and glycerin:
Exploiting its own heat, this technique allows, among others, to preserve the quality of the ingredients. It also keeps all of the naturally produced glycerin.
The benefits of glycerin and donkey milk help your skin become healthy and moisturized.


Each fatty substance is selected according to the nature of the fatty acids making up the properties and it creates the soap.
The nature and proportions of each ingredient are thought out to obtain a smooth and balanced hydrating soap.
Donkey Milk
Organic raw shea butter
Organic coconut oil
Organic extra virgin olive oil
Organic virgin rapeseed oil
Organic virgin castor oil
Clays superfine
Natural fragrant compositions
In addition to the donkey milks; oils and vegetable butters are added in excess to obtain 8% surgras.

Thus, through these additions not consumed by the saponification reaction, they will express the properties of each element.

Each of my soaps is unique.

To limit the rise in temperature due to the reaction and thereby preserve the quality of the ingredients, I pour the soaps individually in molds made by a local craftsman.
These molds have been specially crafted to give each soap special surface appearances and giving the touch and textures to the soaps.

Once removed from the molds, one by one, the soaps are stamped, numbered, shaped and packaged by me.

From formulation to packaging, nothing is left to chance ... a small production to work carefully and mastery each step.

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