Asinerie Des Hauteurs
“The donkey is intelligent, noble, affectionate and has a great sense of humor. Considered at its just value and respected, he is a faithful companion.”
Located on 5 hectares, my goal is to maintain a proper balance between the hills of the Landes and pastures, to focus on the conservation of natural biodiversity and food variety, indispensable to the donkeys.

Donkeys enjoy a quiet and wild environment, in the heart of the regional park of Pilat and wine heritage of the Côte Rôtie, on the heights of Ampuis.


My work is particularly focused on the welfare of donkeys, that's why I propose to them:
Outdoor group life, space and available shelters,
a lot of observation and reflection to guide my choices to meet their needs,
numerous exchanges and manipulations, and natural treatments whenever possible
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Valseuse de Minuit
Barbie des Blots
Astrée de Minuit
The Bourbonnais donkey is robust and versatile and they measure between 118 and 135 cm. The colors of her dress are bay and chocolate tones, with the critical band called Cross of St. Andrew.
From the north of the Massif Central, it was used for a long time for agricultural work and as a means of transport.
Officially recognized in 2002, this donkey race is today the least represented in France with about 250 animals.
The Bourbonnais donkey is known by its robustness and versatility; it is full of resources that allow it to establish itself as a partner to our business and leisure.
It is to promote and make known outside of its birthplace and thus participate in maintaining the race that I chosen the Bourbonnais donkey.

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My Sardinian donkeys
Voyelle de Rabeyrie
Aïni de Rabeyrie
The Sardinian donkey, the little grey donkey (82-95 cm) of solid stature and confident steps is originally from Sardinia.
Known for being the worker in old mills of traditional Sardis wheat, it was nonetheless the prime pet choice.
Its small size does not take anything away about his determination and ability to adapt to work or hiking.
Today, the Sardinian donkey is supported and promoted by enthusiastic breeders and its intrigue always attracts young and old people.