Garrigue soap

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Enjoy the intense softness of this donkey’s milk soap with an aromatic and refreshing touch provided by the natural fragrant composition that will take you to the heart of the garrigue.

The GARRIGUE soap is enriched with 10% of the raw milk of my donkeys (on the total weight of the soap) and is delicately scented with a composition of pure and natural essential oils and natural isolates developed by a renowned Avignon-based company.

This soft and greasy soap is made by me, by the traditional cold saponification technique with vegetable butters and quality virgin and organic vegetable oils.

. 10% raw donkey milk
. Natural perfume composition
. Virgin and organic olive oil – Haute Provence
. Virgin and organic rapeseed oil РIs̬re
. Net weight of each soap: 100g
Authentic and natural, my soaps do not contain any synthetic ingredients from the petrochemical industry.
Contains essential oils: do not use on pregnant women and children under 3 years of age.